Model Style

The key to “Model Style” is looking like you didn’t even try to look as fabulous as you do. It makes it a little easier when you have access to a lot of the world’s best fashion, before it even hits the stores.

Another advantage? Having an amazing, lithe body with slim hips and sharp cheekbones. Not to mention travelling the world, getting free Chanel handbags, etc. The list goes on.

Model Style

IRINA LAZAREANU: I’ve been a big admirer of Irina Lazareanu for a while now. She is really unique and while she usually sticks to the current trends, it is never in the way you might think. During the crazy suede/fringe moccasin trend, she wore cute moccasin booties with a floral maxi dress and a tuxedo coat. She pairs muddy riding boots with glittery mini dresses, slouchy drop-crotch jumpsuits with cropped jackets and tartan jackets with pirate boots. I always wondered what her engagement rings must have looked like (from her two engagements to Pete Doherty) – I am sure they were not your regular diamonds. Her style is mismatched and “kooky bohemian” – I imagine at a party she’d be the crazy, whirly dancer with a drink in one hand and her hair flying everywhere.

ERIN WASSON: Then there’s Erin Wasson, on the other hand. Her fame as a “style icon” has rocketed this year with her highly-anticipated collaboration with RVCA, her LowLuv jewelry collection and her side job styling Alexander Wang’s shows. Because of her model’s body, she can mix studded biker boots with cute, flimsy dresses. She obviously values her “skater” side and seems to try to stick to that when it comes to styling, pairing tougher, masculine looks like heavy boots and leather jackets with a girly dress or a breezy, loose hairstyle.

LILY DONALDSON: Lily Donaldson seems to be of the Erin Wasson school of thought when it comes to style. I’ve rarely seen her step outside the denim & leather / black & white combinations. Whether that means pairing denim cutoffs with a slouchy tee and black vest, to this ensemble of black leather jacket with same tee, she has her look down pat but doesn’t venture outside her “look” much.

CHANEL IMAN: Chanel Iman is probably the closest to my heart when it comes to “model style”. I like her bohemian sensibilities and simple side. While all models seem to go for the most comfortable but stylish look that they can find, when off duty, Chanel always appears like she has just thrown on an outfit from her closet and while it is thought out and well put together, it doesn’t ever seem like she’s trying.

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